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  • Loretta Garcia

My Dad's Birthday!

Today is the last day of July and my Dad's 93 birthday! While he is in relative good health, he struggles with arthritis in his knees and needs a walker for stability. However this doesn't affect his sharp sense of humor and his strong personality. And it certainly doesn't affect his ability to walk to the liquor store to enjoy his favorite pastime - playing the California lottery.

While many think it is a waste of time and money to play the Lottery, he is actually pretty lucky (according to mom) or pretty skilled (if you ask him) at choosing the winning numbers. He has had several decent winning tickets in the $2000 plus ranges and has weekly wins of smaller amounts to keep him in the black.

The only drawback to winning the bigger jackpots is the fact that we have to submit a claim form and mail it in to the state and wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive a check. At 93 he gets impatient. Not because he needs the money, but because "he is old and may not live to see that money arrive."

So in honor of his 93rd birthday, I will contact the California Lottery and put a trace on the check from his latest winnings and of course, give him a card full of his favorite scratchers.

Happy Birthday Dad! May you live to reach 100 and keep winning Daily 4 jackpots!

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