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  • Loretta Garcia

Baby Registries

My son and daughter in law are having their first baby in 2 months (a little girl)! While this will be my 4th grand baby and 3rd grand daughter, the news of her arrival brings tremendous excitement and immense joy to my life. As new parents and in the process of buying their first home, they are not only busy but also perhaps a bit overwhelmed in trying to set up a baby registry along with all the other things going on. As a true Latin helicopter mother and grandmother, I, of course, offered to help them. This afternoon we met at the local Babies R Us for what I promised would be a short trip to just get them started.

3 hours later, after sharing the scanner between the 3 of us, we finally left the store with 13 pages of basics for Baby Violet! She will have baby bottles, and a warmer, diapers to last a her the first 3 months in all sizes, a crib, bedding, pacifiers, a stroller and car seat and tons of other items.

While walking around the store, I realized the enormous amount of "stuff" available for babies. Stuff that did not exist or was not part of the "necessities" when my kids were born. There are significantly more accessories available now than even a few years ago when my youngest grand baby was born.

In my day, you bought a sturdy stroller for your baby with a big basket for your "stuff" underneath. Now you can buy a stroller that fits the car seat and has 2 cup holders and a section for your cell phone. You can also add, a special stroller hook to hang your diaper bag and / or groceries or other bags you might take along. There is an accessory rack (similar to a shoe rack) that you can hang from the stroller bar to store, well just about everything you can think of. There are toys you can hang or suction to the front tray, rain covers for your walks in inclement weather and they even sell weights to balance the stroller for the 3 wheeled models.

Now while I am a huge fan of shopping and buying all the fun and sometimes unnecessary accessories, the amount of "extras" available for the stroller and other standard baby equipment was bit much even for this experienced shopper. However, it did not affect me to the point of stopping my trigger finger from clicking the scanner and aiming that little red light on the bar codes and adding all those extras to the list.

Baby Violet still has a few months to finish growing, but when she joins us, she will have a room full of "basics" and a few extra fun accessories to ensure she is comfy, cozy and secure!

Follow along as the countdown to Baby Violet's arrive continues....

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