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  • Loretta Garcia

Last Day of Summer Vacation with the Grandkids!

Yesterday was the last day of summer vacation with my grand kids (10, 7 and 3). While they live across the street and I get to see them daily, I still went through a few minutes of bitter sweet memories as I glanced around the room and saw not 3 little babies but 3 grown up kiddos with 3 very different looks and personalities. While we all want and hope that our children and grand children grow up and enjoy each stage they go through, looking at them I miss the fun times as babies and toddlers and for a second wish they did not have to grow up!

My oldest grand daughter looks like her dad and his side of the family. Freckles and brownish / reddish hair she is growing into a beautiful young tween as she turns 11 in a few months. Smart, inquisitive and full of information (thanks to google) about so many things I would never think to learn about, she is going to be a very smart and successful young lady one day soon. Her dream to star in Disney movies and TV shows is something that I can see her attaining based on her determination and hard work in her acting classes and her drive to achieve whatever she sets out to do.

My second grand daughter is 7 with brown hair, has more of her mommy's looks and is the family artist. Although her siblings seem to have strong artistic abilities as well, she is the true artist and can take a picture and some colors and create magic. Her ability to look at something and turn it into art continues to surprise and delight me daily. Be it playdoh, paper and pens, crayons or just soap on my bathroom mirror she is constantly drawing and making something new! Her future as an artist seems bright as she continues the creativity she has shown from Day 1.

And then there is our Tornado Boy. My youngest grandson will be 3 in a few weeks. Blonde haired and brown eyed he is a combination of his mom and dad and a non stop bundle of energy who wants to see and do it all. He starts preschool in a week and as excited as I am for him to enjoy time with new friends in a fun learning environment, I will miss my buddy! He is my helper at home and with my parents on errands, he is my exercise buddy and keeps me laughing and running around as we spend our days trying to get a million things done each day!

As the new school year starts tomorrow for the girls, and next week for the "baby", I look forward (with a tear in my eyes) to seeing them learn and grow.

Happy back to school month to all the kids (and parents/grandparents)!

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