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  • Loretta Garcia

Life with a cast

Life is hard enough when you have full use of your arms, legs and body. When our sight, hearing and ability to be heard are working. While my health issues in the last few years had affected my mobility, my weight loss surgery helped me move from the sidelines to the finish lines.

However, six months ago I developed excruciating pain in my right wrist and arm causing loss of strength and swelling. Steroids, shots and several casts provided little relief forcing me to take the final step and schedule surgery.

Although surgery went well, I spent 10 days with my arm in a huge bandage and then graduated to a cast for 3 weeks. What does this mean for me? It means I have had to learn to use my left non-dominant hand to do everything from the basic necessities to the huge task of running my business and personal life.

I will welcome my newest granddaughter, travel to several conferences, assist my parents and in laws with numerous activities, figure out how to buckle my grandson into his car seat and continue with everyday life in a cast.

I will fight the claustrophobia and frustration at the inability to remove the cast and cry over the extra time it will take me to complete the smallest tasks.

Having spent several weeks in casts over the last year, I know what is coming. But I also know that at the end of my temporary handicap, the cast will come off and I will hopefully be free of pain and go back to my regular routine.

Ii will however do so with a renewed sense of respect and appreciation for all the hardships that so many who live with permanent handicaps endure.

While I have always tried hard to help and reach out to everyone I meet, I will be extra vigilant in providing a helping hand to all who cross my paths. Hopefully my friends and family will join me in paying it forward too.

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