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A few years ago, I discovered I was a Club Sandwich. A term used to describe those of us who provide emotional, financial and/or physical assistance to our parents, adult kids and grand kids. I started a blog to share my adventures with other fellow sandwiches but life, health issues, new careers and daily responsibilities quickly got in the way of writing.

Four years later, I am ready to relaunch aka club sandwich in the hopes we can work together and help each other regardless of what part of the sandwich you are!

Below are the the first few articles I wrote years ago. I naively thought I could be the bread in the middle and carry the bottom and top parts of the sandwich of life...boy did I have a lot to learn about being a club sandwich!


October 12, 2012 - Hello world!

I've been hearing a lot about the sandwich generation (the generation who cares for elderly parents, and have adult or young children still living at home). So I figured I would google and research the subject and discovered I am a club sandwich which is someone who is involved in caring for and helping out aging parents, grandchildren and adult children in some capacity, be it financial, emotional, physical care, etc.

So i have decided to start a blog where I can vent my frustrations, keep track of my activities, learn from my mistakes and celebrate my successes. Join me for a peek into the adventures of aka Club Sandwich.

What is the Sandwich Generation? If you are caring for your aging parents at the same time you provide financial support for one or more adult children (for example, they live in your home), you are part of the sandwich generation.

What is a Club Sandwich Generation? The term club sandwich generation describes a generation that is helping to meet the needs of three other generations be it financial, emotional, physical or in a variety of ways.

October 30, 2012 - Pros and cons of being a sandwich…

A lot of the articles I read about the sandwich generation talk about the negative areas of caring for and helping aging parents, adult children and grandchildren. The financial, emotional, physical and psychological burdens and how to deal with everything. While I have experienced some unpleasant episodes, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Perhaps, because my financial burdens are minimal..I don't have to worry about this part. My kids and parents are fine in that department, and any finances I contribute are voluntary and greatly appreciated but never expected or taken for granted. The physical and psychological aspects tend to show up and knock me down on occasion but a few hours of R and R at Disneyland and a good cry go a long way.

As for the emotional part, yes, I agree that is probably the hardest one to deal with but also the most rewarding. A hug, a smile, a kiss and an I love you, can swing the emotional pendulum from negative to positive in a heartbeat. I guess in my case, I view being wedged in the middle of the sandwich, not as being smothered but instead as being loved and cuddled by all sides.

November 15, 2012 - A typical week in the life of a club sandwich

Last week was proof that I am no longer in control of my time (life)..not that I ever was, but last week I finally accepted the truth and stopped pretending. The week started with root canal number five on the same tooth which chipped later in the week…played nursemaid to my husband who had surgery, while making two trips to the ER with a parent and an in-law and ended with a total meltdown by Saturday night.. a hot shower and good cry went a long way towards recuperating mentally and emotionally to allow me to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday on Sunday and thus began a new week. My only consolation…I am not alone!!

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