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  • Loretta Garcia

Ralph Breaks the Internet at NY Comic Con

New York Comic Con was the place to be when the panel of VIPs for"Ralph Breaks the Internet" wowed the crowds by introducing new cast and characters that included some of real world internet's biggest personalities.

Hosted by Dani Fernandez, the panel also included Tiffany Herrera and Colleen Ballinger which join the cast of Ralph Breaks the Internet. Along with German actor, and YouTube personality, Flula Borg as Maybe and Rapper/YouTuber Personality, GloZell Green voicing Little Debbie from Slaughter Race, the group will be adding a sense of reality to the internet in the movie. Fernandez welcomed Director Rich Moore who stated "We wanted to cast these roles with people who embody the best of the internet," was joined by Phil Johnston and head of story Josie Trinidad where behind the scenes information and new film footage was shared.

"Ralph Breaks the Internet" opens in theaters November 21, 2018. Follow along as Chasing Magical Adventures brings you the latest and greatest entertainment, travel news and promotions.

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