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  • Loretta Garcia

Love from Heaven

When you lose a parent, everyone tries to console you and offer advice. They share stories about their lose and their paths to healing. And it really helps! Among the stories are many where the departed has sent a message letting their presence be known. Be it through dreaming about them or pennies from heaven or dragon flies fluttering around.

I have this small heart that sits on my desk. It's my connection to my Daddy. And while I have been waiting for a sign I always figured he would send me pennies or even quarters like he used for his scratchers when and if he decided to reach out. Since I had not still experienced it personally, even though I talk to my daddy daily, I figured he was just not ready. Maybe he was sad that I was still so angry (not at him) about his passing or maybe it was just not meant to be for us.

All that changed during my recent conference in Hawaii. As part of our hotel inspections, we went to Turtle Bay Resort and had the opportunity to go horseback riding. If you know me well you can imagine that I was not thrilled with the idea of getting on a horse. Would there be one big enough to support my weight, would it be gentle, would I be able to "control" it? All this weighed heavily (pun intended) on my mind as we drove to the stables. Once there we stood around, while we were given instructions and assigned a horse. I must have paced around the same spot for 10 minutes.

Right before climbing the platform, anxiety high, I looked towards heaven and asked my Daddy to please take care of me...and then I looked down and there at my feet was this rock in the shape of a heart and I immediately felt better. At that moment I briefly wondered if it was a sign from my daddy but I didn't have time to process the idea. After an incredible experience full of beautiful sites, I shared my rock story with my team and forgot about it.

Fast forward a few days and I was looking at the new Dooney and Bourke Disney purses at Aulani's gift shop. After a HUGE debate with myself over the "need" to add to my collection, I decided to wait. I made my way around the store, with a smile on my face thinking about my daddy's constant teasing that I was a walking advertisement for Disney. As I turned the last corner, I saw a purse half hidden on the top shelf. I "tried it on" and looked down and right smack in the middle of it was...a heart! I immediately thought of the heart rock and started to wonder if my daddy was in fact sending me a sign.

As you can imagine I ended up buying the purse! Now I realize that this design includes hearts but if you collect Disney D&B purses, you know that placement is the most important part! Some may see an upside down heart but for me the heart is exactly where it is supposed to be and when I wear it and look down I see the perfect design.

I still don't know if the hearts I am seeing are a coincidence or my need to justify my shopping, but you can be sure that I will now be on the look out for hearts. Because maybe, just's my daddy sending me love from heaven!

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