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  • Loretta Garcia

The Rookie (TV Series)

The Rookie, a crime drama show premiered last October on ABC. Starring one of my favorite actors, Nathan Fillion, I was excited to see how Fillion would make the switch from comedy on his previous series, Castle to crime drama. Setting up the DVR, I waited for the first episode, however life got in the way and the first season sat recorded in the DVR for a year.

Last week I was finally able to start watching The Rookie. The series follows the adventures of John Nolan (Fillion) who after experiencing a life-changing experience, decides to make the move to Los Angeles and become the oldest rookie on the LAPD, Nolan brings maturity and life experience to the job where he needs to go the extra mile to prove he can make the cut.

Expecting the usual crime drama series, I was surprised at the twists and turns the show brought from the first episode. Early in the season, the romances and personalities have come forward in unexpected waves. Storylines are strong and include everything from gang activities to serial killers.

Binge watching the first Season has been a roller coaster of fun. I can't wait to see what Season Two has in store.

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