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Cuban Spies Invade Netflix

Netflix's new film 'Wasp Network' is based on the true story of a group of Cubans who are convicted of espionage in the '90s. Based on the book "The Last Soldiers of the Cold War" by Fernando Morais, filmmaker Olivier Assayas adapts the story, taking us on a historical trip full of double crossings, romance, political and personal storylines that will keep you intrigued.

The spy film introduces René González (Edgar Ramirez), a Cuban pilot who after defecting and leaving his family in Cuba, begins a new life in Miami. Flying and fighting for the opportunity to help fellow Cubans against Castro and communism, Rene joins "Brothers to the Rescue" and quickly seems to adapt to life in the United States. But not all is what it appears to be as lies, double crossings and illegal activities are intertwined with the personal lives.

The storyline continues adding key members including fellow pilot Juan Pablo Roque, Manuel Viramontez who is directing the activities of the secret organization 'Wasp Network,' Raul Cruz Leon and Luis Posada Carriles.

Along with the Cuban Five (aka The Miami Five) the group of Cuban Intelligence officers which included Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, and René González,were arrested by the FBI in September 1998. The members were tried and convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage and murder, acting as an agent of a foreign government, and other illegal activities.

Athough a times the story line and character interaction is a bit confusing, the 'Wasp Network' gives viewers a peekinto the world of espionage and political upheaval between Cuba and the United States.

New comers and seasoned actors listed below make up the cast of 'Wasp Network' which premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 1, 2019 and on Netflix on June 19, 2020.

  • Penélope Cruz as Olga Salanueva-González

  • Édgar Ramírez as René González

  • Wagner Moura as Juan Pablo Roque

  • Gael García Bernal as Gerardo Hernández / Manuel Viramontez

  • Ana de Armas as Ana Magarita Martínez

  • Leonardo Sbaraglia as José Basulto

  • Nolan Guerra Fernández as Raúl Cruz León

  • Osdeymi Pastrana Miranda as Irma González

  • Tony Plana as Luis Posada Carriles

  • Julian Flynn as PUND's pilot

  • Anel Perdomo as Viramontez's wife

  • Julio Gabay as Roque's cousin - Denayf Elias Roque***

  • Amanda Morado as Teté


Disclaimer: The review of Wasp Network is part of our ongoing committment to bring our guests, new and exciting information about films and filmmakers. Chasing Magical Adventures and Editor, Loretta Garcia do not claim alliance for or against parties named in the article. This article is exclusively written for entertainment purposes.

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