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  • Loretta Garcia

Falsettos Delivers

The Tony Award®-winning musical Falsettos is based on three one-act musicals: "In Trousers", "March of the Falsettos" and "Falsettoland" by William Finn. James Lapin directed the second and third musicals and co-wrote the third which resulted in the final version of "Falsettos".

Attending the performance with my granddaughter, who plans to major in theatre, I had reservations as to the storyline being too mature for tweens/teens. I can say the cast delivered a superb performance that gives everyone an opportunity to look into the lives of a changing family demonstrating that "love can tell a million stories".

Falsettos tells the story of Marvin, a gay and neurotic man, who along with his ex-wife, Trina, lover, Whizzer Brown, son Jason and psychiatric Mendel bring us a story of love as seen through modern times. Marvin, a confused New York yuppie, now living with his lover, Whizzer, still wants to maintain family time with his son, Jason and ex-wife, Trina. Sharing a therapist, Mendel who becomes "part of the family", the musical takes us through the lives of the cast as they grow up and hopefully grow wiser.

Similar to "Dear Evan Hansen", "Falsettos uses minimal stage props in the form of a giant cube that pulls apart like a puzzle, the actors then arrange into furniture.

Choreographed by Spencer Liff with Music and Lyrics by William Finn, by intermission, Falsettos had become one of the top five favorites on my list of Musicals.

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