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  • McKayla Ponce

San Francisco through McKayla's Eyes

San Francisco The blue skies and winding streets welcome me to the city of San Francisco. I buy hot chocolate that's too hot to drink at first and give the change to my younger siblings who use it to start a collection of pressed pennies from the machine near by. The tiny Golden Gate Bridge engraved onto the front of the penny doesn't do the actual structure an ounce of justice. The distinct smell of ocean water and freshly baked bread fills my nose as I maneuver my way down the sidewalk, observing everything that goes on around me. A group of street performers dance and people drop crinkled dollar bills into a bucket as a thank you for the few minutes of entertainment they were given before they continue on their way to wherever they were previously headed. An old man wearing a gray fishing hat holds a French fry into the air and waits for a seagull to swoop down to grab it. Families pose together for photographs and laugh at the silly faces being made in the pictures. I enter little shops in search of small items I can easily carry as a souvenir from my trip. I spot a sale on postcards and buy five, admiring them long after I've paid and left the shop. On the drive leaving the city I stare out the car window in adoration. I watch the small houses pass in a blur and observe the sailboats floating by, aimlessly adrift on the seas crystal blue water. The sight leaves me yearning for adventure and I know then that I will be back again, to the city of San Francisco.

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