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  • Sara Solberg

LuLaRoe and Disney Join Forces!

I have some super exciting news to share with you! I am a BIG Disney fan and I also LOVE my LuLaRoe clothing. Well, LuLaRoe just announced this week that they have joined up with Disney to offer a LuLaRoe Collection for Disney line! This is fabulous news for all of my fellow Disney/LuLaRoe lovers.

Some of you may be wondering “what is LuLaRoe?”. LuLaRoe is a clothing brand that offers stylish and comfortable pieces for just about everyone. The brand is sold through individual retailers or consultants and is made up of women’s styles, kids, and a few men’s styles. Each print is unique in that it is produced in limited quantities and distributed amongst thousands of retailers. LuLaRoe carries sizes XXS to 3XL. From dresses and skirts to tops and leggings, there’s something for all sizes!

So, what does this Disney announcement mean? The individual retailers haven’t received all of the official details yet but based on the images I’ve seen, there will be Disney-themed leggings, tops, and skirts for sure! So far I’ve seen characters like Minnie & Mickey along with some Bambi and Thumper on LuLaRoe’s styles. I have also heard that this contract will be good for 2 years so hopefully LuLaRoe will be producing Disney prints for quite a while! There is another rumor floating around that the LuLaRoe Collection for Disney will only be able to be sold at in home parties. From what I know at this moment, that is not the case. You should still be able to purchase these items online from independent retailers. I still don’t know when I will be able to order the collection, so stay tuned for more information!

Who else is excited for the LuLaRoe Collection for Disney and what designs do you hope to see?

For more information on LuLaRoe and/or this new collection, feel free to email me at or follow me on Facebook!

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