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  • Loretta Garcia

Cars 3 is a Winner!

We were excited to see if Disney/Pixar's newest film, "Cars 3" would live up to the hype created by the previews. We were not disappointed.

Director Brian Fee, who also worked on the first two Cars films as storyboard artist, along with writers, Kiel Murray and Bob Peterson and screenwriter, MIke Rich took the original “Cars” story of the comeback kid and gave it a new Disney / Pixar spin. "Cars 3" refocuses on McQueen and the racing circuit, bringing back the appeal and amazing animation Pixar is known for. The expressions and details not only on the vehicles but also in the racing scenes, along with a great storyline make "Cars 3" a winner!

The film takes ​Lightning McQueen, along with the old gang back to the tracks.

Number 93 is his usual confident and even a bit cocky self, racing and winning alongside his cronies, Cal Weathers and Bobby Swift. A bit more mature and more comfortable in his racing style, McQueen is feeling at the top of his game, until the arrival of the new highly tuned, top racing machines. His biggest threat is Jackson Storm, slick and fast, Storm leaves the rest of the racers choking on his dust, race after race. Trying to keep up and maintain his status on the race tracks, McQueen pushes himself too far and suffers the ultimate fate for a racer - a crash!

Recuperating from the crash in Radiator Springs, McQueen reflects on his first visit and taking the advise of his Mentor, Doc Hudson (voiced by the late Paul Newman) decides to give it his all and make the comeback of the century. A new sponsor offers McQueen the chance to train in a state of the art facility where he meets, Cruz Ramirez (voiced by Cristela Alonzo). Bubbly and eager to train the great Lightening McQueen, but lacking a bit of self-confidence in her own racing abilities. By the end of the film, she has secured a spot as a female racing role model and new favorite character. And as for McQeen, he has now become the Mentor and winning is no longer the most important thing.

Disney has once again won the award for amazing and magical films. Bringing audience young and old, a fun movie with life lessons intertwined with funny and lovable characters. Don't miss Cars 3 in theaters near you.

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