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  • Loretta Garcia

Changes coming to Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean!

One of the most iconic rides at the Disney Parks is Pirates of the Caribbean. For 50 years the Disneyland attraction which is full of exciting fight scenes, pirates in various stages of well, being pirates and the catchy “yo ho ho ho, a pirate’s life for me” tune, has been a guest favorite. News of changes coming to the attraction have many in an uproar and have resulted in numerous petitions circulating through the social media pages.

The recent announcement states the enhancement will address one specific scene on the attraction. The “take a wench for a bride” scene where a line of women are being auctioned off will be replaced with the famous red head as a pirate. The signage will be changed to “Auction, surrender yer loot” and feature a mixture of male and females auctioning off articles such as jewelry and other items.

The first park to make the changes will be Disneyland Paris starting in July 2017 with WDW and Disneyland following within the next year.

While not the first time changes have been made to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, this one has sparked the most outrage. What do you think of this new enhancement to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction?

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