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  • Sara Solberg

Classic Attractions Return to Disneyland Park this Summer with New Magic

There have been a few attractions closed at Disneyland park while work is being done on the new Star Wars Land. Some of those attractions include the Disneyland Railroad and Rivers of America. Great news though! Those attractions will be returning to the park this summer with new magic!

New to the Rivers of America is a gorgeous new north bank that features a beautiful new waterfront and an elevated trestle over which the iconic Disneyland Railroad will travel. The Rivers of America will continue to celebrate the Mississippi, Columbia, Missouri and Rio Grande rivers, enhanced now with a new Columbia Gorge section, highlighted by thundering waterfalls – signaling the return of large waterfalls to the rivers. Longtime Disneyland park fans will remember Big Thunder River Waterfall and Twin Sisters Waterfall; five spectacular new waterfalls along the Rivers of America harken back to these favorites – all on display for guests aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat, Sailing Ship Columbia and Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes.

You can also experience these features from aboard the Disneyland Railroad, which will travel across the rocks on a trestle that will even extend onto the river, providing a breathtaking view of the new waterfalls. And, for the first time ever, the Disneyland Railroad will be making a left-hand turn as it circles the park.

In addition to the new waterfalls, you can spot some familiar faces along the Rivers of America as well as throwbacks to Frontierland’s past. The Indian Village, now in a new location, will include a more prominently featured Shaman, seen telling the story of how the hummingbird taught the Indian chief to make a flute.

Still no exact opening date for these attractions so stay tuned! Just one more reason to plan a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth this summer!

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