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  • Loretta Garcia

Creating Amazing Magical Adventures

What exactly is Amazing Magical Adventures, was the first question asked by an acquaintance recently when I ran into her. I launched into my sales spiel and shared all about my travel agency and the incredibly talented and knowledgable specialists on our team. As we continued chatting, she was very surprised to hear that not only are travel specialists and agencies still very much alive, but that my travels were related to my business and I was not permanently on vacation as it appeared on my social media pages. This gave me food for thought and I sat down and decided to share a few things about the agency and travel in general.

What exactly is Amazing Magical Adventures (AMA)?

We are a full service travel agency with a one of kind team of 30 specialists who create the most incredible vacation packages to fit your needs and desires.

What type of travel can you help me with?

The name Amazing Magical Adventures conjours up theme parks and magical wands. As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, (a distinction given to agencies who provide above and beyond services and have extensive knowledge of all things Disney), AMA is dedicated to sharing our love of Disney through unforgettable vacations.

As a full service agency, we specialize in creating magic and memories all over the world! From a singles trip or intimate couples escape, to a fun weekend guys/gals getaway, family reunions, conferences, destination weddings, romantic honeymoons, babymoons and more are all part of our basic FREE services. Our training and personal experiences ensure that we can provide first hand knowledge of countless destinations and activities on your bucket list.

Why should I use a travel agency/agent?

This is probably the most debated question in travel. The ease of use and access to the internet and social media allows most of us to obtain instant answers to any and everything we can possible want or need. Why contact AMA or use a travel agent when you can book your own travels? Just like many of us can change our own tires and oil in the cars, process our taxes and host of countless other activies, we still tend to pay to have therm done by professionals. The same applies to booking your travel. As experienced specialists, we spend countless hours training and researching the best locations, sales and packages to fit our guests. The difference is that while you have to pay professionals for their services, our basic services are FREE. Our commissions are covered by our travel partners (hotels, theme parks, etc). There is no difference in the price you pay for making reservations online directly or by working with AMA. The biggest savings you will see is not in the price of your travel packages but in TIME. While you are enjoying dinner or at work or watching a movie with your family, our specialists are putting together the perfect vacation package. The second and for me, just as important is the service! When you book online, you do so usually through your computer or phone speaking with a representative. IF and when you have an issue or require a change, you will need to email or call in, usually resulting in long hold times. Issues with your room can include wasted time at the front desk searching for resolutions. When you contact AMA we do all the work for you. We spend the time on hold, we follow up on the sales, changes to your package and any glitches that may occur before or during your travels. You will always have the same person familiar with your reservation and dedicated to providing you with specialized assistance.

The only question left to ask now is WHERE WILL THE MAGIC TAKE YOU?

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