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  • McKayla Ponce

Disneyland through McKayla's Eyes

'The happiest place on Earth"

A place where magic is real and dreams come to life. A place where being different is expected. A place for people to escape the struggles of everyday problematic realities. A place for fun. The music blares happy tunes throughout the day and it's hard not to hum along. The sun shines bright, down on the people walking through the park full of laughter and excited chatter as people search for their favorite characters and rides. Children beam at the sight of the familiar mouse clad in red overalls and white gloves. Couples pass by in matching Disney shirts and mouse ears. The sweet smell of churros and flowers fill the air as the day carries on. Screams can be heard coming from the elated passengers riding on the roller coasters. Small children wait impatiently to get on the Teacups and Carousel. Happy workers greet families and hold small conversations before they continue on with their day. Young girls watch in admiration as they wait in line to meet their favorite Princesses, who happily greet each person. Shops are filled to the brim with adults browsing the items as their children, although being told not to, manage to touch every single thing they pass. People leave the park at the end of the day, pushing strollers, dragging feet, eager for a long night's rest before another day filled to the brim with fun. Eager for a long night's rest before another day spent at The Happiest Place On Earth!

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