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Disney X Jansport Backpacks

(Photo credit: Jansport/Disney)

I love everything Disney. From visiting the parks to collecting purses, wallets, backpacks, tee shirts, scarfs, snow globes, to name a few, I am always on the hunt for the next new item to add to my collection. Imagine my excitement when I heard about the new line of Disney Jansport backpacks. The collection brings Disney fans a variety of sizes and designs ranging from $20 to $90. Available on line and in stores, the backpacks include:

Disney High Stakes - 3 different patterns - $50

Disney Superbreak - 8 different patterns - $44

Disney Super FX - $55

Disney Right Pack Expressions - 4 different patterns - $75

Disney Right Pack SE - $80

Disney High Stakes - $50

Disney Hatchet SE - $90

Disney Hatchet - 2 different patterns - $70

Disney Baughman - $70

Disney Right Pack SE - $80

The smaller versions are perfect for your cords, earbuds and other essentials.

Disney Lil Break - 2 different patterns - $20

Disney Right Pouch - 3 different patterns - $22

Disney Burrito - 2 different patterns - $22

Perfect for a day at the parks or everyday use to show your love of Disney, my shopping cart is already full with my favorites! Which one will you be adding to your collection?

Visit the Jansport website for a look at all the styles.

Photo Courtesy of Jansport/Disney

(Photo credit: Jansport/Disney)

Ready to show off your new backpack on your next amazing magical adventures to your favorite or new destinations? Click here for your free quote today!

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