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  • Loretta Garcia

Mickey Mouse Oreo Cookies?!

Oreo Cookies have been a household favorite forever. Generations have grown up enjoying the delicious taste and developing their own unique ways of eating them. For some, it's a must to dip them into a glass of icy cold milk, for others, twisting the top off and licking the creme filling is the only way. As a kid, parent and grandparent, I have devoured my fair share.

Imagine this Disney lover's excitement to learn that my favorite cookie will be part of Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday celebration. The limited edition birthday cake flavored cookies will feature the famous Mickey Mouse as well as a party horn and a large "90" as part of the three different designs in each bag.

On sale beginning September 24th, the cookies will be packaged in a white wrapping with sparkly confetti and a picture of vintage Mickey Mouse standing next to an oreo.

This Disney / oreo lover can't wait to get my hands on a bag or three of Mickey Mouse Oreos!

For more delicious birthday desserts, visit the Disney parks in Orlando and California during the holidays and be part of the Mickey's 90th celebration.

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Loretta Garcia is the chief editor of Chasing Magical Adventures bringing you the latest and greatest entertainment and travel news.

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