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  • Loretta Garcia

Welcome to Chasing Magical Adventures

Welcome to Chasing Magical Adventures. My name is Loretta Garcia and I am the Senior Editor. I am married and a mother of two incredibly amazing grown "kids" and their spouses and grandmother (AMA) to 3 gorgeous grand daughters and 1 handsome grandson!

I am a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, business owner, entertainment reporter and addicted to Disney (Disneyland being my absolute favorite park) and cruising the oceans blue.

I spend my days being pulled a million and one different ways. Be it taking my grand kids to school, watching my grandson, taking the parents / in laws to various outings, working on my business or attending the latest entertainment event, my days and nights are full of Amazing Magical Adventures.

Like my days, my blog will be full of everything from quirky personal stories and observations to the latest and greatest travel destinations and entertainment news.

Join me for all the fun and updates as Ama takes off Chasing Magical Adventures!

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