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  • Loretta Garcia

D23 2017 Weekend Full of Fun

Disney Fans enjoyed another successful D23 this weekend. Although many attendees expressed concerns and a few glitches with the long lines, overall the event was a huge hit enjoyed by young and old.

I attended the event on Sunday with the Junior Team. We enjoyed spending time checking out all the exhibits, cosplay and interacting with our fellow D23 participants.

One of the favorites of the day was the Walt Disney Archives whose theme this year was Pirates! A 10 minute wait in line allowed us access to the area where we could walk through and enjoy a huge inventory of Pirate related artifacts. From posters to costumes, miniature ships and more, including a trip down memory lane with a glimpse of an old board game.

The Scrooge McDuck Money Bin was another big hit. Guests could jump into the bin full of coins and were even given a small token gift after the jump.

The Marvel and Pixar areas were popular and fun to walk through and check out the favorites.

But the highlight of the floor for many visitors was the display of the upcoming new Star Wars Land. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman, Bob Chapek shared the name (Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge ) and an incredibly detailed model of the Star Wars themed lands currently under construction at both Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios. Along with the model there were also models and artwork of starships, creatures and other items to be included in the lands. Also announced was the news of two attractions - one being the chance to pilot the Millennium Falcon and the other putting guests into the middle of an epic battle betweenthe First Order and the Resistance. Star Wars fans have a bit of a wait to enjoy the new land which opens in 2019.

A surprise vendor at D23 this year was the line of clothing, LuLaRoe. Partnering with Disney they have recently released their most popular styles with Disney designs that have most of us filling our closets. The original Mickey and Minnie prints are now joined by Bambi and Thumper, Muppets, Goofy and Donald (in both angry and happy designs). According to our very own LLR Rep, Sara Solberg, new designs to be released on a monthly basis over the next year and a half will include many favorites. I have dibs on Stitch, Ariel and Tink.

Another fun presentation the junior team enjoyed was Dr. Dan the pancake man. Dan makes custom designed pancakes and of course being at D23, the designs were Disney. I was honored to have my request for a Tink Pancake made in front of our eyes with just a few strokes of his pancake mixes.

Although we did not have the opportunity to attend the presentations, we were able to enjoy the floor displays and vendor booths, get a peak at the Star Wars Land model and spend the day immersed in Disney fun.

Don't miss our articles on the all the new attractions and fun coming to the Disney Parks.

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